Microsoft, would care to fix excel wrong cell selected issue; Please!!!

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Microsoft, would you care to fix excel wrong cell selected issue; Please!!!

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Could you give us more information please?

@Jan Karel Pieterse The same issue has been reported multiple times over the years and still no solution. Here is another thread: Selecting a cell in Excel goes to an incorrect cell - Microsoft Community

I subscribed to the Office 365 and using Windows 11 so there really is no excel version issue here. I always have the latest version. 

In my case here is how it happens: When I move the cell selection to the left and it reaches the cell in the first column (it does not matter the row), instead of stopping there like any other excel style app would do (like mac numbers, LibreOffice, Open Office...), instead, it creates a blank column as wide as you continue moving on the left then disappear when you release the hold/cursor. Right after, when you click/select any cell, it selects a cell 4 to 6 columns down on the right and will continue do that.

Out of frustration and after banging the keyboard few times, I have to close the app and reopen again for it to return to normal.