Microsoft Forms not appearing in Online Excel despite paid account

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Hi everyone,


I noticed that the Microsoft Forms button is not in my Online Excel ribbon. I have a paid account (Office 365 Family). From what I understand I should be able to use Microsoft Forms directly from Excel Online.


I need my form responses to sync with my workbook. That's why I am looking for the button.


I searched for a similar discussion but couldn't find it.


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@CGBakker I'm not sure about details of Family subscription, but if you have no Microsoft Forms as separate app it shall be no such tab in Excel app.

@Sergei Baklan Thank you for replying. I do have the Forms App in my Online Office 365 environment. I can use it to make forms but the participants' answers will not sync with the corresponding Excel workbook. Opening the Forms App via Online Excel does provide syncing.

This is the button I'm looking for.





Sorry, I missed. "Opening the Forms App via Online Excel does provide syncing" - so you can add the Form from Excel Online. Or not? Participants can't sync - does that mean if you fill the form you have an answers in sheet, but for others that doesn't work?

I can't open Forms from Excel Online atm.

The syncing I want to achieve is this:
Answers of the form get sent to the connected Excel workbook (in the cloud) automatically. Any new answers should be added to this workbook automatically, without downloading the new answers to an Excel file manually. Syncing might not be the right word: auto updating, maybe?


That's how it works by default - if you initiate the Form from Excel, any answer will be added to the table automatically. Again, I'm in business environment and not sure is there some specific for consumer subscriptions. If you submit the answer (not other person) will it be added to table or not?

Currently it doesn't. All answers need to be downloaded manually as a separate Excel file.
From what I understand it should be both an enterprise and non-enterprise (but paid) feature.


Could you please clarify in plain English what is explained in this video why paid subscription with automatic download doesn't work?

Did you ever get a solution to this. I have the same issue@CGBakker 

My employer now has a Office 365 business account. So that solved it for me. Personal accounts don't include Forms, after all, it seems. I did not find a way to get to Forms on my personal account.