Microsoft Excel for Mac not updating formula when dragging to different cell

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So I am attempting to drag a formula =Event!B$12.  However when dragging with shift, option, or control the formula does not update to =Event!C$12.  Please advise on how this can address this issue.  It just recently starting occuring.

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@jamellsatchell Don't use shift-option or ctrl at all. Have you tried hovering over the bottom right-hand corner of the cell (the little square)? Then click and drag.


In your video, you drag down. The column letter won't change from B to C when you do that.

In the formula =Expense!B$11, the row reference is absolute, so the row number will remain 11 when you drag down.

Try a formula such as


=INDEX(Expense!$11:$11, COLUMN()-15)


in G26, then drag down.

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you for the feedback.  I am getting a value error.  Not sure if it is being returned due to the Column().  



Sorry, my mistake. It should have been


=INDEX(Expense!$11:$11, ROW()-15)