Microsoft excel and outlook version 2016

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Hi,When I recieved the data in google sheet the date appears the same as the sender but when I downloaded as excel or open it on outlook its changing for example:
In google sheet 03/04/2021 it means 03/April
In excel sheet 04/03/2021 it means 04/March
Note that if the day above 12 its not changing
For example:
In google sheet 24/12/2020
In excel sheet 24/12/2020
It means only the date that contain a days under 12 are changing.
Thank you

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It depends on regional format setting in your Google Sheets environment and for environment where you use Excel.

Thank you
But I don't need to use Google sheet I need only outlook and excel
And it doesn't make sense when I recieved mail to call the sender and ask him about the region or the settings of his PC
No matter what I put the settings in my laptop
I need to see the date in the excel sheet as the sender send it


If an American sends you a message with date 3/4/2012 as text, there is no way of knowing whether he is using the US system (March 4) or has converted it for the recipient (3 April); though unjustified stereotyping might suggest the former.  If the date is an Excel serial number, the conversion between systems takes place automatically.