Microsoft Excel - Addin dates & Weekdays on a Excel reports

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So im a night manager at a hotel. My shift starts late in the evening, and end early in the morning the next day. The first thing i fill out with the report is the dates. I already have the dates set up from a previous Excel file my ex college made in the previous hotel i used to work at. I saved this file cause the report looked good, so instead of creating a brand new report on Excel in my new hotel, i decided to take this file with me.

Anyway, so my shift starts one day, and end the day after, note im working nights.
The first thing i fill out on the excel report is the date i start my shift. As i do so, the end date (which is shown on a cell below the start date) of my shift automatically changes due to some formula or code that my ex colluege set up on this file.
My question is, can i add another option of which the weekday is also shown? So if i start my shift on the 29th if April, which is a Monday, and it ends on the 30th which is a Tuesday, i want the Monday and Tuesday to be shown as well, on top of each other just like the dates.

My second question is: Is it a possible to set up a time to send a Excel file automatically? I want to send a Excel report at 06:45am every day. Is this possible?

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As per your first question, I believe you can simply and easily change the format of the cells containing the dates. You probably have the "short date" or a "custom" format. I think that you are looking for a "Long Date" format. Click on the cells containing the date, go to the Home tab, on number options, look for and click Long Date. It will automatically contain the weekday as well. If that is not the case, you could use some formulation too, but you will go well with just that.


As per your second question, I would use something like Power Automate. You can google some how-to's and I am sure you will be able to find something quickly.