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How do I STOP Excel from offsetting window displays (so the filename can be seen for multiple spreadsheets)?

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Hi @smbetz,


I'm not sure if I understood your problem completely. If you want to see all open Excel spreadsheets, just goto menu "View | Arrange All" 


Then you can choose which way the windows should be arranged:


If I misunderstood your question, just let me know.



@DTEThank you for your reply.  And, yes, I do sometimes take advantage of the "View | Arrange All" capability, but my question has to do with when each spreadsheet is first opened.  Up until recently each spreadsheet would fill my screen.  Now as I open each succeeding spreadsheet, it is placed a little lower on the screen (what I called offset) and I can't see the bottom of it.  That may be a nice added feature for some, but it is very annoying for me.  Is there a way to alter that? 


I guess we speak about MDI, Multiple Document Interface. It is not supported in Excel 365, only SDI. I didn't find documentation, here both interfaces are compared for older versions Programming for the Single Document Interface in Excel | Microsoft Docs

Sergei, I appreciate the reference, but that's a bit over my head; I am just an end user of this product. I have been using Microsoft 365 and its predecessor since May of 2018 and this just happened. I was hoping that there was a setting to restore my preferred method of opening my spreadsheets with each spreadsheet occupying my full screen. Oh, well.
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Hi @smbetz ,


I guess now I understand your problem. As far as I can see, Excel stores the window size of the last window when you close the application.

So usually, when the last window is really fullscreen, Excel will start also fullscreen next time. If this is not the case on your side, unfortunately, I'm not aware of special setting for this behaviour.


Thanks, @DTE, for solving the problem. Somehow I had resized my Excel spreadsheet ever so slightly. I have a hand tremor and get interesting results from time to time.