Microsoft 360+ Lost on Old PC

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I'd been using a 12 year old HP Pavilion Series when the hard drive unexpectedly suffered a fatal crash so severe that no local techies could retrieve anything from it. Purchased a new HP Envoy series but of course all my files and folders from the old machine were lost, except for a few saved to the cloud. I want to continue with my Microsoft 360+ but I can't find a way to contact anyone who can walk me through the process of how to retrieve my old account without having to buy the program all over again. Microsoft isn't the only account I lost but is the most important to me. Any ideas on how I might be able to speak with someone at Microsoft instead of spending hours trying to locate the appropriate FAQ to address my specific question?

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Do you remember your Microsoft account login details? If so, just go to and find the installation files there:
Appreciate the advice but I had already paid for 365+ For my old computer. Microsoft now wants to charge me for downloading the program again. Seems like a catch 22 to me. Is there no way to download Office without paying for it again? You see, I chose to pay annually instead of monthly. Is there a HELP website or phone number that I might explain my conundrum to?
you should not have to pay again. what was the email address you used to purchase the office 365, go to that emal and look for the email that you received from microsoft when you made the purchase. If you cannot find it, make a free outlook email account then call the office 365 billing and tell them the old email account you used to purchase the subscription and to transfer the subscription to you new free outlook email account. (800) 865-9408