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i have typed an if and formula but im getting error message stating "Theres a problem with this formula...not trying to type a formula? when the first character is an equal.." I am trying to type a formula and it is as below.  The formula worked until I added AND(e2="GEXPBOOK" and after.  Any idea what I am doing wrong in this formula?

IF(AND(E2="G1LINE",D2>212000),"G>1CARTON",(AND(E2="GEXPBOOK",D2<1000000),"GEXPCARTON",(AND(E2="GEXPBOOK",D2>1000000),"GEXPPAL"," ")

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=IF(AND(E2="G1LINE",D2>212000),"G>1CARTON",IF(AND(E2="GEXPBOOK",D2<1000000),"GEXPCARTON",IF(AND(E2="GEXPBOOK",D2>1000000),"GEXPPAL"," ")))


You can try this formula which works in my sheet.