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I downloaded the template for Personal Monthly Budget.  They have a feature in there that I would like to be able to replicate in some of my own files.  When I select cell A2 a message is displayed to the right and below that cell.  When I deselect the cell it disappears. How is that done? It is not a note or comment.



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These are actually Data Validations. If you go to Data tab > Data Tools > Data Validation, it'll bring up a menu where you can input your own messages, clear them out of the cells, and option to display the message whenever the cell is selected. 





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In Excel for Microsoft 365, you can use Comments to have conversations with others, or use Notes to make annotations.

Add a comment to start a conversation

  1. Right-click a cell and select New Comment.

  2. Enter your comment and select Post.

    Others can now reply to continue the discussion.


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Insert comments and notes in Excel


Example in the attached file.


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These aren't comments or notes, just data validation!


Thank you so much.  You are right, this is a very clever use of the data validation.  I can think of many great uses for this.