Message: AADSTS500202: Money in Excel Log in Issues?????????????

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I have this exact SAME problem on 2 different computers running Office 365 Family. What does the error message mean (in human terms) and how can it be fixed? Frustrating as h to spend 2 hours tinkering and serching for a solution? Is it just bug ridden and not ready for prime time? Is MSFT able to support people who actuall are willing to give Money in Excel  a try?



From MS Forum:

Money in Excel does not login


I have a long standing subscription to Office 365. I downloaded the Money in Excel plugin and tried to run it. Although I was already signed in the Excel application, the add-in asked me to sign-in. In the sign in screen that appeared I entered my credentials, then a security screen came up asking me for my pin, and then... nothing!!! The window on the right of the screen remained blank with a small sing-in message above and an almost half way progress bar which was not moving!


In my second attempt, when the sign in screen came up I chose "Sign-in Options" and following the prompts I arrived at the following error message...




Request Id: 326ece5d-c00c-438d-b0dc-c371d28e0f00


Correlation Id: 679f4bd2-ec10-43b6-aa24-9d7eb6c7948b


Timestamp: 2021-05-08T09:38:33Z


Message: AADSTS500202: User account *** Email address is removed for privacy ***' from external identity provider '' is not supported for API version '2.0'. Microsoft account pass-thru users and guests are not supported by the tenant-independent endpoint.

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