Merging rankings from Excel into Word

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I have employee ranking evaluations that I must merge into a Word letter. 

The ranking is based on years of service.  So I have six people with an excellent evaluation.  The person with the least amount of service is ranked 1 out of 6.  

I am able to use the ranking function in Excel to achieve this, however, I must be able to merge that ranking into Word.  In Word, it must show the person is ranked 1 out of 6, 2 out of 6. 

What is the best way to set this up in Word?



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Either add a column with the ranking and another column with the number of people (the latter would have the same value in all rows) to the source range, or add a column that displays 1 of 6 etc.

You can then use the two columns or the single column in your mail merge.

Thank you so much!  Will try that. 


@Hans Vogelaar