Merging individual sheets into master template without losing formulas

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I have a workbook with multiple sheets, as a template. The individual sheets get sent out to teams to fill out and return. Once returned, trying to find a way to then combine their individual sheets back into the main template workbook with their original sheets without having to copy and paste all their data into the main document.

Alternatively, if there is a way to update just the one sheet in the document that pulls numbers from each sheet to then sum up, so that I can easily replace the sheets with the same name after teams complete them, that will work just as well. 

1- The reason they don't update directly into the main document is because everyone is working off a sharepoint folder and if one person has the document checked out, other teams cannot update their sheets. So, the client requested that each team have their sheets posted on SP, they update and then we combine back into the template. 

2- There are a total of 15 sheets, first three are the overall team status and includes a Points Summary sheet that pulls points from each individual team's sheet then totals at the bottom of each category and those totals go to another sheet. 

I have the template document I will be happy to send if anyone can help out and have also included a link to the template document below. For some reason, this one is puzzling me. 

Thank you in advance.

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