Merging in Desktop Excel app with mulitple user Saving issue

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I am using shared Excel file for the past 9 months. So far the user is less we didnt face much difficulities in the file.

But for the past 1month we are more user like 15 member, 4 people will be working on the same sheet together but they wont work on the same cell, but all are working on some important data and we dont want to lose the info. The Desktop app we all enabled with Autosave

The issue we face in Desktop app for some user not all the time - The desktop app will keep saying "saving" but files wont be get saved. 

If that user disconnect his/her internet and after connecting it will be saved. But so far the other people activity will be destroyed somehow and we will lost info of others changes they did so far in this time. sometime i lost my 3 hours work because of this mistake.

So now we all started working in Web Excel App. If anyone use Desktop app and if they face saving issue and if their internet get disconnect and connect back, same issue we were facing.


Need some tested solution for this. I dont want to lose the data. People are comfortable in Desktop app rather than Web app. Kindly provide some tested solution if any.

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