Merging Dups but keeping certain data

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I'm trying to figure out how to merge duplicate rows but I only want certain data. How do I do that?


Here are two rows, the second row only has email and phone number. I want all the data from row 1 but only the email and phone# from row 2. 

HaroldBerry1332Windermere Real Estate Midtown7300 E Green Lake Dr NSeattle9811544294744539131009  
HaroldBerry Windermere Real Estate Midtown

(206) 111-1111


Is this possible to merge them and keep all data from row 1 and now add the email and phone onto it? I have a list of 15,000 I need to go through and trying to find a faster way than manually coping and pasting the email and phone on to the row with the most data.

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Hello @Merrilily7,


I would suggest using a Pivot table with the following layout:

  • Subtotals: Do Not Show Subtotals
  • Grand Totals: Off for Rows and Columns
  • Report Layout: Show in Tabular Form
  • Blank Rows: Remove Blank Line after Each Item