Merging cells button is disabled in table format (Microsoft 2016)

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I'd like to section my tables by merging cells, but that button is disabled in table format. It works fine whenever I am not working in a table format, but it becomes unclickable whenever I try to do it in a table.


I have already added the toolbox add-ins, but nothing changes.

Can anybody help me with this?


Thanks in advance!

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@lookingforhelp I was going to reply "Very good. Do not use merged cells. They are often the cause of trouble".


You discovered that you can't use merged cells in structured tables, because merging cells makes the date unstructured and that is not recommended when you still need (or intend) to analyze, sort, filter or summarize the data. Though, merged cells do little harm in a final reporting lay-out.


The link you found merely describes how to remove the structure from the data set and turn the table into a "flat" range, permitting the merging of cells.


Even with ranges, forget about merging cells. Your life will be much easier in future.

If necessary, use