Merged Cells and Needing To Sort Information

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I have exported the PDF document into an excel spreadsheet, but I am needing to sort the information by column "A", but I am getting the message "To do this, all merged cells need to be the same size".  How do I handle this without losing information within the document. 

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Merged cells cause all kinds of problems, it is best to avoid them

The relevant headers are in row 3, so select A4:AH452, then click to unhighlight the Merge & Center button, and finally sort on column A.

Thank you Hans Vogelaar, I appreciate your response. This will not delete any of the information I have in the document? It will keep all the information in the correct column/row/cell?


It won't delete anything.

Since merged cells will be unmerged, information that was first displayed centered over - say - columns C and D will now be displayed in column C. But it won't move to a different column.

Thank you!