Merge Workbook into another workbook as a live copy

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I am trying to merge a workbook (A) into a another workbook (B) but keeping the original and having the copy (B) be a live copy so when data is entered into (A) the changes or updates will show in (B)?

I was able to copy the sheet but I entered data and its not transferring live. I am new to all of this so I appreciate your help!

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You can copy a range, then paste it as a link into another sheet.


@HansVogelaar - Thank you I will try this. This will keep the formatting & formulas from the original document, is that correct?

@HansVogelaar - I got it to work the way you suggested but when I edit the original file (A) its not transferring the information to the other worksheet (B). Let me know if you know how I can do this?


Are you sure you selected Paste Link?

If so, you should see formulas in the target range that point to the source range.