merge information to form a barcode

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How can I merge the following information to show a barcode in the end cell?

Code DateCarton No.Weight
401204 02-Feb-23139417.28

The barcode will be the made up as follows:

code (6 digits)/weight (4 digits)/date (reverse 6 digits)/carton No. (6 digits) So the barcode for the above example will be;



Thanks for your help.



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@demmettd Try the following formula-

=A2 & SUBSTITUTE(E2&"",".","") & TEXT(C2,"yymmdd") & "00" & D2






Thank you very much that worked a treat.... I just discovered that the carton No. is not always 4 digits. it is on rotation from can I make the D2 a standard 4 digits by leading with 0 when the number is shorter. eg could be carton No. 1 can it show as 0001 or carton 55 can it show as 0055?

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Yes you can. Use TEXT() function like =A2 & SUBSTITUTE(E2&"",".","") & TEXT(C2,"yymmdd") & "00" & TEXT(D2,"0000")
you are an absolute legend....thank you so much for your help.