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I have a question i have got two coloum i have one with the old product code and one with the new product code I need it to sort the new product code with the old one so I known what product code on the old one is still working


so I can update my price list

the first column is the new product code an d the two column is old data I have  attach the sheet so you can see what I mean


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@pjakl Perhaps VLOOKUP does what you need. Added formula in columns C, F and I, checking if the old code exist in the list with new ones. #N/A means that it does NOT.

thanks for that mean n/a showen below it is not in the new list

New old
IBLC3339M IBTN3340 #N/A

@pjakl Correct! In this example, product code IBTN3340 is not found in the list of new codes.