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I have a table which is a record of request (total 33 request, 2 overdue). I add a column "Overdue" in data model to check if the request is overdue "Yes" or not overdue "No". I then create a measure to count the overdue request.


Overdue:= Calculate(countrow(table), table[overdue] = "Yes")


The measure gives me correct answer 2 overdue request, but when I click for drill down, it shows me the entire table. (not the correct 2 overdue request). How do I fix this to show only the 2 overdue request?


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Hello, I tried to do an example, attached is the excel file.

My guess, I don´t know, is that you are doing the drilldown for the grand total instead of the subtotal?

Filters within measures are not considered when drilling down. If you want to capture the detail unfortunately there needs to be a physical filter in the Pivot Table itself