Maximum Row Height

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I am unable to drag my row height past 14.45 cm. I have tried using different views besides page layout, but the problem persists. If I try changing the row height using: Home -> Cells -> Format ->Row Height and I put in "14.5 cm" (546 pixels). Then, I get the following warning "The specified row height is too large. Specify a smaller value."

I can't seem to find much discussion on this online. I am using the row height to break up the pages based on the amount of content on each page (using macros to specify the row height). I know if I open a blank excel sheet, then I can change row height to whatever I want, but would anyone happen to know what could be limiting my row height?

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This is a built-in hard limit - see Excel specifications and limits:


409 points corresponds to 546 pixels/14.45 cm