MAX date when less than another date

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hi, im looking for a formula that will find the max date in a range where the date is less than another cell. 


example below of what im looking for (last_out date (expected result)

i am trying to find the MAX date_out for each barcode number which is not greater than returned date

thanks in advance


BarcodeDate_out BarcodeReturned DateLast_Out date (expected result)
555666620/12/2021 555666606/04/202306/01/2023
555666606/01/2023 44488802/01/202320/12/2021
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@thomaspowell250 Following both formula should work-





thank you both, it worked, i had the same formula but as the data is part of a table i was using the @column instead of the $B$5:...... which was giving me the error.


thanks again