matching group widths

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i want to match the widths of sets/groups of columns.  for example, i have a group of 4 columns.  i want to match the width of all 4 of these columns together with the width of another group of 4 columns.  within the group, the width of each of the 4 columns are of different sizes.  i want to keep the columns within the group the sizes they are originally.


is this possible?  i'm using version 16.65 windows excel for mac.



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@potato129 Select all the columns you want to set at the same width (select while pressing Ctrl) and resize one of them by dragging the column separator . It should apply that width to all selected columns.

@Riny_van_Eekelen   would this keep the widths of the 4 columns inside the group uneven like i want them to, and match the total width of those to the width of another set of 4 uneven columns?  i don't want the width of the four uneven columns within the group to change.  i just want to match the width of the two sets.



@potato129 Sorry, perhaps I don't understand what you mean.