MATCHINDEX not displaying the correct value

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I've been trying to work MATCHINDEX between two sheets but I'm unable to make it work. Can anyone please help me understand where I'm going wrong?


Thank you.

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In your formula

    MATCH(Sheet1!$E5, Sheet1!$E$4:$E$14, 0),
    MATCH(Sheet1!$F5, Sheet1!$F$4:$F$14, 0)

you try to return element from the array with two columns. If second MATCH() returns number more than 3 you have an error.

Didn't catch what you'd like to do with that formula, thus can't suggest how to change.

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You're trying to look up the gender on Sheet1. But the only other column with data on Sheet1 is Name, and the sheet with the formula (Index_Match_Practice) does not contain the name. So it's impossible.

If the Index_Match_Practice sheet had a Name column, it would work.

I solved it, thank you.