match the description with value entry

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if the value "J2" = "Generic" then the value "I2" must be equal to "E2"

match string.PNG


Item No.Quantity


DescriptionMaterialLengthWidthMaterial DescriptionMaterial Description
1  F-11-26LABEL - REGULER NSF PN.M-1-27-8        Generic
2  F-11-27LABEL - REGULER NSF PN.M-1-27-8   LABEL - REGULER NSF PN.M-1-27-8 
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In I2:


Fill down.

thanks a lot for help me,
one more time sorry sir, in "column I" has been filled a formula "Vlookup" which is integrated with the key sentence in "column j", so how do I fill in "column I", with the keyword "Generic" for results that are exactly the same as "column E" but do not eliminate the formula in "column I"



I I understand you correctly, you should change the formula in column I from