Match First + Last Name, then compare Salary

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Hello! I am wondering how I can first match first and last names across two different worksheets, then compare their salaries and have the column say true/false if they do not match. 


Worksheet 1

Emily Doe $2000



Worksheet 2

Emily Doe $2500 False


So I would first have to match the first and last name

Then I would have to compare the salary

Since Emily's is $2000 in W1 and $2500 in W2, she would come out as False (since they do not match)

Since John's matches, his would turn out True

Can anyone help? Thank you!!

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Assuming that there are no duplicate combinations of first name/last name:

In D2 on Worksheet 2:


=SUMIFS('Worksheet 1'!$C$2:$C$1000, 'Worksheet 1'!$A$2:$A$1000, $A2, 'Worksheet 1'!$B$2:$B$1000, $B2)=$C2


Change Worksheet 1 to the real name of that sheet, and adjust the ranges if the data on the first sheet extend below row 1000.

Then fill down.


The @Hans Vogelaar solution using SUMIFS looks good.  I set out to use XLOKUP with 365 and got to

= MAP(firstNameWS2,surnameWS2,SalaryWS2,
         XLOOKUP(1, (firstNameWS1=fName)*(surnameWS1=sName),SalaryWS1) = salary

It returns the entire column with one formula but so would

    firstNameWS1, firstNameWS2, 
    surnameWS1,   surnameWS2) 
  = SalaryWS2

once I converted the salaries to numbers.