Match Dates and TRUE Value for Conditional Formatting

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Hello everyone!


I have a yearly calendar that updates automatically when the start date is changed. This is what the calendar looks like:




In a separate sheet, I have all of the dates from the calendar with a formula that writes TRUE if the date is in increments of two weeks from a start date. I have conditional formatting set on the dates to change the color when a given column = TRUE. 




I am trying to have a similar conditional formatting on the calendar itself to match the REF column's color. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if anymore information is needed.

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Hi all,


Quick update regarding this. I was able to find the solution to what I was looking for:


First I isolated the dates for each color I wanted.




Then used this formula for the conditional formatting and changed the reference column to reflect which dates I wanted highlighted.




I know this was a very niche problem, but in case anyone needs this in the future.