Master list, updates other copies of the list with new entries

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Hey so I've been working on a training register for my company and to make the interface more user friendly I've had to include a list made up of three columns (name, last name, job title) and I was wondering if there was a way to make a master template? one that I could edit/make new rows/organise and would update versions of its self in various other pages.


right now, I've got a matrix, internal & external training expiry and a summary for internal & external expiry, all have this list and it would be a pain to update as new people come to the company/leave the company. however if there was one list that would correct all the other lists this would make my on going job so much easier!




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Is it possible for you to post a copy (not an image, an actual copy) of an anonymized version--no real names--of your spreadsheet/workbook on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, pasting a link here that grants access to that file.


Excel has a lot of power, such that, in general, if you can describe a desired result completely, it's usually possible to achieve it. The challenge, first, is to describe it fully and accurately, not taking anything for granted. It also helps to do that with reference to

  • inputs -- the information that needs to be collected at the start
  • process -- what has to happen to the inputs in order to produce ...
  • outputs --the reports or outcomes desired

So if you could do that, and give us access to a mockup of the data you currently have, somebody here should be able to give some specific suggestions working with (and quite likely modifying) what you've done so far.