Marking data - ANYWHERE

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Since my last auto update a couple of days ago, I have not been able drag to mark data to cut/paste/ etc. This message came up as EXCEL because that's what I was working in when the problem showed up AGAIN.   I first noticed in in GMAIL but it seems to be widespread.  


Is there a known problem with the last upgrade?  If not, since I had  a person insisting and repeatedly "proving" they were from Comcast and HAD to fix my slow internet problems.  I'm concerned that if my dragging problem isn't a general problem, that they put something on my computer that I haven't found and deleted.  (I've spoken with Comcast about the scam.  The scammers process was intricately detailed......)


I have no idea where else to check for something added to my laptop if it came from the Scammers.  Nor, do I have any idea as to how to fix the mark and drag (etc.) problem.  (it showed up again in trying to write this!  I tried to mark a few words to delete and replace them - NO LUCK"


PLEASE help!  I don't want to have to go to the "Gxxx SQUAD", lose my laptop for days, and pay them a large sum since I'm retired have limited $$.


Thank You so VERY much


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