Marketing Catalyst Econometrics Modelling

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Hi all, 

Can someone help me understand what "Marketing Catalyst Econometrics Modelling" means?


Thank You.

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@Benze_ When I google the term, this question comes up as the first result, so it's not really a common term. Where did you come across it? Why are you asking about this in an Excel forum? What is the link to Excel?


@Ingeborg Hawighorst Hi, Thanks for the concern. I believe this word is associated with brand performance and marketing strategy. For example, you'll want to know; How much your company spent in a given time period, What types of marketing strategy they employed and Which media platforms were used. 

Since I use Excel as my research tool, I thought someone in this forum could be knowing what the term meant.  Therefore, I would like to know what methods and methodologies are used to generate such a report? 



I never deal with this model, but most probably you'll find more information if use more traditional term Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) and add regression analysis to your search.