Market cap option in Stocks data type not working

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Good morning, I am using Microsoft 365 Excel to track stock info like price, 52-wk high, 52-wk low, market cap and shares outstanding then using this data to introduce it in some formulas. But very recently the data for the Market Cap stop appearing and only showing #FIELD! instead. Does anybody know if the option was discontinued from Excel? 

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I am experiencing the same problem.  Can this please be fixed as this field was very useful.


I am still waiting for the "Market Cap" field to be brought back, but in the meantime, you can just add a column of "Shares outstanding" and times this by "Price" to get the Market Cap (or something close to it)


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The same here, I hope they fix it soon!!

I had the same problem and here's my solution: You need to click on the ticker and define it as a "stock" data-type. 


see video for more details: