Mark upcoming annual date in Exel Sheet

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Hello All,


I am working on a mandatory training tracker for work. The input date is when the employee did the annual training last and I'd like it to be marked if the one year is about to expire. I tried to do conditional formatting but never was able to get all of the 14 trainings to mark.

For example:

Employee A did Training 1 on 09-Nov-22, it expires 09-Nov-22 and is supposed to show up marked 14 days prior to expiration. 


Thank you in advance.



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You can try this rule for conditional formatting as shown in the example.


In the example the formatting is applied to this range.

conditional formatting.JPG



It's still giving me grief - trying a different approach now.


Date in Training X Column A will be valid for 1 year - what IF calculation would I have to put in there to have DUE show up in Column B 14 days prior? (In this case 17 January 



You can use this formula in cell B2.