Mapping UK Counties - Northamptonshire Missing

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I have been trying to create a map of UK counties, but am having real issues with Northamptonshire.


Specifically, when I type in Northamptonshire, only half is filled in (West Northamptonshire; North Northamptonshire is not filled in. If I type in both counties separately, then none of of Northamptonshire is filled in (see picture below).

UK Map.png

I have managed to find the right names for all other counties, but no dice here. Is it potentially a bug in Excel / Bing data?


Any help or suggestions would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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I've been having this exact problem today @AlexR2005
Joining this thread to get a solution. 

Could it be a Bing-Thing, not excel? This gives only west:
Or not: This works every second time or so, strange:



Hey, not sure if you are still trying to work on this? I have found a work around. If you enter North Northamptonshire and also West Northamptonshire - it will work.