Mapping data about East Yorkshire in Excel

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I have been trying to use the #FilledMap feature in Excel to map frequency data across the UK. I have worked out how to control all areas of the UK map except East Yorkshire (East Riding of Yorkshire).


Checking in Bing Maps, I believe the correct label for the area should be "East Yorkshire". However, using this label maps data into the area of the map that also appears to be labelled as "Humberside."


Has anyone found a fix for this? Thank you




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It shows something


Hello Sergei, thank you for your reply. You are absolutely correct, "East Riding of Yorkshire" does show up on the map, but in the wrong place! Also, you can control the same area with the label "Humberside" and "Kingston upon Hull" - the last of these is actually the real place that it is.

The more I look at this, the more I think it is a glitch in Excel that is displaying in the wrong place.

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Yes, there are some places which engine can't recognize properly. Quite often they are which were reorganized or changed the name within latest 10-15 years, but not only. Sometimes playing with place name helps, sometimes not.

In any case I'd recommend to Send a Frown from Help->Feedback of Excel.

Thank you again Sergei, I have provided feedback to MS through the Excel Help feature. I'll see what happens next...