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Map with Xlookup not working



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@anshul-marele What about it is not working as expected? By the way, the workbook you shared on OneDrive is open to everyone to make edits. There was a copy of the MAP formula entered in cell B8, which was causing the #SPILL! error for the formula in cell B4. Once the erroneous entry was removed from cell B8, the MAP formula in cell F4 worked as written. I edited your workbook directly on OneDrive, so it should be working now. I also added a formula demonstrating that MAP is not actually needed in this case:




...can be accomplished using XLOOKUP only:




You can also specify a value to be returned in the [if_not_found] argument, such as "not found" or an empty text string ("") to remove the #N/A errors that would otherwise be returned for items where no match is found.

@djclements Sorry My Bad. I tried to apply the wrong formula. Thanks :folded_hands: