Map graph in Excel: how to remove yellow triangle with (i) at the top right.

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I created a map chart in excel 2019.
The series is defined over a range of 200 cells because this range
is filled by updating a pivot table.


Currently only 13 countries (13 cells out of 200) have significant data.

On the graph, a yellow triangle with an (i) appears at the top right.
Clicking it displays the message:
“Plotted 7% of positions from Row Labels data with high accuracy.”

The message seems correct to me because not all the cells in the range are filled,
infact 13/200 = 7.5 ==> 7%
My problem is how to prevent the yellow triangle with (i) from appearing.

By opening it and clicking on the "x" in the message it disappears, but if I close and reopen the file
appears again.


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