Map graph does not show one of the province

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I am trying to make a Indonesia map graph in excel with province level data, however one of the newest province (Kalimantan Utara/North Kalimantan) is not shown in graph. This province established in 2012 so it’s not really new. Is there any way for me to be able to show this Kalimantan Utara province in the graph?

Thank you in advance

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Hi. I'm having the same problem. Anyone has a clue on how to get this done? To be precise:

  • The map does visually show North Kalimantan & East Kalimantan as separate provinces (also, when it highlights East Kalimantan, it excludes everything else).
  • But when we click North Kalimantan, it highlights East Kalimantan instead.
  • A mouseover on North Kalimantan shows East Kalimantan's info.
  • North Kalimantan is always greyed out despite having a value in the table/data set.

In addition to the above, I also find that I can't use "East Nusa Tenggara" and have to use "Nusa Tenggara Timur" instead for the map to work which means I have to use 2 different languages.


Hope this gets fixed soon.

It might help if you're able to share the data you're using to produce the Map chart. Generally, you'll want to include as much detail as you can when creating Map charts.

The data looks like this (numbers are random or is blank for this sample).

Previously I had the Province first then Country; Having the Country first worked better. But the East Kalimantan problem still persist.


IndonesiaBangka Belitung0.0
IndonesiaWest Java85.18
IndonesiaCentral Java19.9
IndonesiaEast Java26.74
IndonesiaSouth Kalimantan1.42
IndonesiaCentral Kalimantan0.0
IndonesiaEast Kalimantan25.1
IndonesiaNorth Kalimantan0.09
IndonesiaWest Kalimantan#N/A
IndonesiaRiau Islands0.0
IndonesiaNorth Maluku40.5
IndonesiaWest Nusa Tenggara25.06
IndonesiaEast Nusa Tenggara69.21
IndonesiaWest Papua3.0
IndonesiaSouth Australia0.0
IndonesiaWest Sulawesi19.83
IndonesiaSouth Sulawesi8.08
IndonesiaCentral Sulawesi58.71
IndonesiaSouth East Sulawesi15.8
IndonesiaNorth Sulawesi8.35
IndonesiaWest Sumatra3.75
IndonesiaSouth Sumatra2.28
IndonesiaNorth Sumatra10.35