Map Chart unable to connect to Bing for map data

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I am trying to create a Map Chart but I am unable to connect to Bing maps to download the map data. Where is the setting to allow Excel to connect to Bing through the internet? 

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Communication with bing maps engine is performed in background, you can't connect bing maps directly.

- we define table with the data for Map Charts

- insert Map Chart for that source data

- it sends source data on Microsoft servers, receives back some data to build map and shows it to user.

Thank you for your response!. My issue is in your third step, I am not able to send data to Microsoft (Bing) to build the map for the map chart. There is a security setting that is blocking this communication. What I am looking for is what the security setting is, is it something I as a user can configure, or is it something I would need to submit as a trouble ticket to my IT/Security team for a possible exception to the security policy that is blocking my connection to Bing?


If you are in business environment that's better to escalate to your IT. That could be security policy, proxy server settings, antivirus software, whatever.