Many numbers go to date format

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How can I switch the default number format to general?

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Hi David,


The General format is the default number format, to reset your numbers to this format, just select them, then press Ctrl+Shift+~ .


For more info, Please check out this link.



Before starting work on a sheet you could press Ctrl A to select all cells and then format as General via the Home > Number menu ?

Thanks for your quick response! However, I don't want to have to change the format afterward. For some reason the default got changed to date, so when I type a number in like 41, it goes to a date.


Thanks for your quick response! That is a good idea for a new spreadsheet, but I am working on very large shared spreadsheets.


Hi @David Denkenberger


If it's just a matter of changing from Date to General format, did selecting the column and changing the number format to General work?


It may be that someone has changed the entire column to Date format by mistake.