Many criteria with ifs finction

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Hi everyone!

Can you help me to get this result guys, i tried but formula phase error seems. Attaching screenshot here in this msg.

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For 'greater than or equal to', use >= instead of =>



I do not see an error message in the screenshot.  But my guess is:  the formula returns #N/A because none of the conditions applies.


At the very least, my guess is:  the last condition should be AND(I3<E3,AP3>=I3,AO3="") or, better, simply TRUE.


IMHO, it is good practice to always have a TRUE last condition to catch everything that is not covered by the other explicit conditions.


Be that as it may, I wonder if your use of ="*" should be <>"".  For example, AO3<>"" instead of AO3="*".


The latter only matches the character "*" (asterisk).  It is not a wildcard that matches everything, if that is your intent.



@Joe User @Hans Vogelaar @@Hi guy

I am still not able to get the result , still facing formula phase error.

Attaching the screenshots.

@Rfire777  wrote:  ``I am still not able to get the result , still facing formula phase error``


You are using Google Sheets, not Excel.  You should post to a Google Sheets forum.



@Rfire777  wrote:  ``Attaching the screenshots``


If a "picture is worth a 1000 words", an Excel (or Google Sheets) file is worth 1000 pictures.


In Google Sheets, a #ERROR error indicates a syntax error (click here).  It could be something very subtle.


Provide a download URL for the Google Sheets file so that we can copy-and-paste the text of the formula.


Do you usually use comma (",") to separate function parameters?  As an experiment, what does =SUM(H3,I3) return:  46999?


PS....  You still did not correct the last condition so that you will not get a #N/A error, when you finally get past the #ERROR error.  Reread my previous response.


It's difficult to see, but it seems to me that your formula contains A03 (with a zero) instead of AO3 (with the letter o).

And the last AP3>I3 should be AP3>=I3