Making Schedules that add time

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I am currently trying to create a schedule that adds all of my employees hours up for the week for each of them, I had an excel sheet at my old job where it did that in the format of a schedule, as well as total hours schedules for everyone for the week. 

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What you're seeking to do is entirely possible (as you know, having had access to such a workbook before). The best way to get help in meeting YOUR need, however, would be for you to take the first step in at the very least laying out what you remember of that prior sheet, doing so in a way that reflects your current situation.


You can leave formulas out--unless you have enough knowledge of Excel to put some in--basic point is to show the kind of layout (rows and columns, how names and hours are to be recorded in the first place)...we can show how to summarize.


Otherwise, you're asking us to take a stab in the dark at creating something when we know next to nothing about what you want.

@mathetes I absolutely understand. I'm very unfamiliar with excel, so what I have is pretty much bare minimum. The place I was at prior to here, they were also able to type in a second line in each box stating what shift they would be working that day (Budtending, Reception, Supervisor). Thank you in advance for any help!schedule for mirco help.png