Making Permanent Category Changes in Money in Excel?

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I just purchased my first Windows PC in over 15 years, so I'm re-learning everything...bear with me!


Is there a way to permanently change the default category a transaction is listed under in Money in Excel? I was excited to see this template, but it seems to be lacking in certain areas.


For example, all of my UberEats transactions are listed under "Auto/Transportation" when I'd like them to be listed as "Restaurants/Dining." I manually changed them, but when Money prompted me to sync my transactions, everything reverted back to its original state.


If I make changes to a merchant name, how can I make it permanent? I have some Paypal transactions listed as "WIthdrawal Paypal Type" when I actually purchased something from Etsy but paid through Paypal. The transaction is listed as a "Transfer" when it should be listed as "Shopping." Sync also undid all of these changes as well.


Do I have to keep syncing, or will Money auto-add new transactions when I open the spreadsheet?


Thanks so much!

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@jackieuh I just tested this on mine and all my edits were not changed back.