Making excel functions display arguement list

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Hi all


I use a lot of functions in excel, and until recently excel always displayed the arguements that needed to be completed in a function as I type. For example, as I type =VLOOKUP( Excel would produce a box underneath showing VLOOKUP(Lookup Value, Range, Column Number, Exact Match) or words to that effect, with the arguement I am currently completing in bold. This was very helpful when inputting nested functions etc 


However, recently excel has ceased to show those details. I am provided with a list of functions as I type the function name in, but once I have opened the initial bracket the 'help' box listing the order of arguements does not appear. Does anyone know how to instruct this box to appear again?


The same is true whether editing in the cell or the formula box. Using Office 365, Excel is fully up to date.








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Perhaps a bug on concrete build for your channel. On


it works


@Sergei Baklan thanks for that, possibly an issue with the build (I have version 2111)


It happened to me and took me ages to find the solution. 


You probably accidentally pressed ALT-DOWN-ARROW in the formula bar.

Thanks very much for that - it definitely looks like formula autocomplete is the functionality that is only partially turned on, unfortunately the alt+down arrow only seems to turn on/off the drop down list of functions for me without turning on the list of arguements of the function but a good place to start!