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I want to create a table with certain customer info and I want it to be populated using a form. Then, I want to be able to select a record and have the info print on a form format I have. Attached is what I have so far. Sheet "Data" has the fields I need to populate. Sheet "Print" is the form where I'll want the info in "Data" to print.  That's all I have so far.


Can anyone point me in the right direction to complete this worksheet?

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You describe two sheets in your posting, but there are three in the workbook. So it was a little difficult following how this might work. I definitely see the final certificate, which I presume is what you're trying to fill in.


One suggestion that I might make--assuming you're relatively comfortable (as it appears) with Excel. You'll need to put column headings on the two database sheets. I saw you'd used VLOOKUP for one of the areas in your certificate for printing. But I assume you're wanting to fill other fields on that form, based on some kind of input.


So VLOOKUP is one way to proceed.


Another set of functions you might consider are the various database functions, those beginning with the letter D. DGET in particular is one that I've used in some similar situations. Do some research on that and see if it would help. And of course come back with further questions....