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Hey everyone...


I have a projections sheet I use during sales meetings. I am wanting a few things to happen but can't remember how to do it. 


1. I have a column titled Actual Value, which is the actual value of an account. 

2. I have a column titled DERISKED Value, which is the value of the account based upon where it is in the sales process, which has its own column. 


I want the DERISKED Value to be a percentage of Actual value based upon which stage it is in.


The second thing I am looking to do.


I want to have a section of the spread sheet that will chart the DERISKED Value of the account by sales person and by stage in the process.


Under a title like "Jesse" it will tell me how much DERISKED Value Jesse has in each stage of the pipeline process. 



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@Messer73 See the attached workbook for a trivial example.  Basically, the VLOOKUP function is used to obtain the DERISKED Factor, and the SUMIFS function is used to summarize the ac counts for a sales person.