Make List from every column that has data corresponding to name

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Hi i have a problem figuring out how to make list like this 


From a table like this


i need a formula that can list only the job person does i have tried "vlookup" and "hlookup" but no luck

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For such layout


it could be

   name, J4,
   personAmounts, XLOOKUP( name, jobs[Name],jobs[[bending]:[assembling]], ""),
   personJobs,    FILTER( jobs[[#Headers],[bending]:[assembling]], personAmounts),
  IF( {1,0}, TRANSPOSE( personJobs ), TRANSPOSE( FILTER( personAmounts, personAmounts ) ) )  )

if you are on Excel 365 or 2021

thankyou so much for this!
can you explain more about the IF({1,0}) parts? i've been trying to add a third column with a different value but it seems the value always the same for 1- infinity


For more than 2 columns it's better to use something like


function iterates condition array and returns selected value (which is actually array or column) on correspondent position. It could be modified as needed, for example


IF() may return only two values / columns (if true and if false), but from these two you may combine as many columns as needed


You have no way to add here one more column, only combine C3:C7 and E3:E7 as desired.