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I am trying to use an old mail merge which I set up a couple of years ago. I am using a new excel data file which I have just populated with a couple of lines of data.


When I try the mailmerge to word, I only get access to one or the other line of data. On the right side of the screen, it is giving me an option of recipient 1 or 2?? I have set up the excel file with up to 4 lines of data, I can't find why it is not doing what it did before?


Is it because I am now using 365 whereas before I was using Office?

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You probably have to re-create the mail merge in 365 word

Hi, I sorted out the initial problem, it was me with brain fade. Now that I have the mailmerge up and running, I have another problem; the dates are displayed in American format (mm/dd/yyyy)
Even though they are UK format in Excel data file? I can't see how to change it.


Mailmerge ignores the number formatting specified in Excel.

You must format the merge field in Word.

Click in the date merge field.

Press Shift+F9 to display the field code. You'll see something like




where StartDate is the name of the field. Replace \* MERGEFORMAT with \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" so that it looks like


{ MERGEFIELD StartDate \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" }


Press F9 to hide the field code and to update the result.

Hi Hans, thanks very much for your reply. I am not sure how to proceed?
I have the following: {MERGEFIELD "Date_1"} + 3 more with Date_2, Date_3 and Date_4.
I hope that makes sense?
I need to populate a form with up to 4 entry lines in order to recover my expenses.
Sorry Hans, I forgot to say that I don't see \*MERGEFORMAT




Change them to


{ MERGEFIELD "Date_1" \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" }

{ MERGEFIELD "Date_2" \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" }

{ MERGEFIELD "Date_3" \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" }

{ MERGEFIELD "Date_4" \@ "dd/MM/yyyy" }

Hi Hans, thank you so much. Everything is working really well now. I much appreciate your help.