Mail Merge Question - on a Mac- Please help

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I asked this earlier but was told I should include the Word Document and Excel File so people could have a wack at it. 


Im trying to delete lines in a mail merge document when the condition is 0 (as well as move the next line up). But if the condition is not 0 I need it to pull the mail merge data.


Billable Participants «Condition» @ «Rate»


Billable Participants «Condition»@ «Rate»


Billable Participants «Condition» @ «Rate»




the actual document is attached with the correct merge data 


What I need:

I need the row to delete when the customers count is 0 and have the next line move up. But when it does have a number of customers, I need all the mail merge information to pull.


Can anyone help? Is this even possible? I have tried If -Then- else, and Skip record Rules but I can’t have more than one rule (which I believe would work if I could use both(is there a way to use both? is there an easier way to do this)). I have also tried a numerous amounts of formulas and I’m not sure what to do.

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@AndreaG729 On a Mac myself, and don't believe that your question is Mac-specific. Since you include text in the rows where you want to insert the number of participants, I don't think you can hide that text from the Word document, based on the fact the <<inserted field>> has a -zero- value.


A work-around would be to do you calculations first and then create "message fields" (in Excell) based on the condition if the count is 0 or not. Use CONCATENATE or TEXTJOIN.


Something like: IF count <> 0 THEN <your text string> ELSE leave blank

and for the amount: IF count <> 0 THEN count X fee ELSE leave blank


In the Word document you than do something like:


<<Message1>> <<Fee1>>

<<Message2>> <<Fee2>>

<<Message3>> <<Fee3>>


In your example, if you have only 19 participants, both Message3 and Fee3 will be blank and mail-merge will skip the fields.


See the example attached.



Thank you this worked I had to make a couple adjustments since my boss wanted to have wording done a certain way. but I was able to make it work. THANK YOU so much

@AndreaG729 Great! Glad it worked out for you.