Macros vanishing from workbooks

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Posting here at the guidance of MS365 small business support:


In the past 4 months, we've had random workbooks "lose" their macros. They are gone from the Macro menu/list though they still exist in the visual basic layer (as modules).

If we run an Excel document repair, the issue is resolved and the Macros show up in the macro list again. However the issue is reoccurring later on the same files.


The workbooks are all in different locations (some on network drives, some on Onedrive, some on local folders). All the workbooks are edited independently so there's no shared data or macros I can see.

The timing of the issue has no discernible pattern either; it's not occurring all at once.

All office clients are up to date and we've done full reinstalls as a precaution.

All machines are W10 Enterprise.


When we run the Excel repair, nothing is listed in the repair log despite it fixing the issue.


Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this behaviour?

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@Jan Karel Pieterse Excellent, that does provide a better fix for the issue. Seems there's not much data on what's causing it outright, but I can script this as a resolution that's easier on the end users.

Thanks for the find!

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