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I just purchased a new Mac , 2021, and downloaded the latest versions of Microsoft Excel 

I have connected this edison  power, who have an excel spread sheet with a macro, I get a reply that this workbook contains content that is not supported in this version of excel, 

I have version `16.5

I went to Mac security and enable all macros, which is not responding 

any ideas??

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@grumpyk32 Don't know what you mean by "this edison power", but the message you describe usually comes up when a workbooks includes XML controls. Nothing wrong with your Mac or Excel. It's simply not supported by Excel for the Mac.You'll need Excel in a Windows environment to work with the template.

you say I have to work in a windows environment to make the program work, can I work in a windows environment on a make



@grumpyk32 Not suggesting anything until I understand what you are working with. Start by answering what "the edison power". Perhaps you can upload the template.


And yes, you can run Windows on a Mac, but that will be on virtual machine using Bootcamp or Parallels.